Cryptocurrencies will be sent to user wallet automatic. for bitcoin, we use blockchain.info api.

Add Unlimited Cryptocurrencies

You can add unlimited cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, ethereum and ...

Multi Language

We can add any language that you want!
default language is English.


You can find our code well organized, commented and readable.

Identity Verification

Your users should verify their phone and identity before can sell and buy cryptocurrencies! (this is optional)

Free Updates

You have 6 month Free Support and Update.

More Than You Think

Bitex is a script that you can start your cryptocurrency buy & sell bussiness with it.its multi-language so you can translate to any language that you want.we have 24/7 support for fix bugs and answer your questions, so you need only focus on your bussiness not on coding. also we add the payment processor that you are working with, to the script.


You can define your commission percentage in admin panel, so in user orders, your commission will be added.


Bitex is currently synced with blockchain.info and ethereum, and orders will processed automatic.

See It In Action


We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.


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Contact us for script price and also if you have question about bitex.

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